Bornholm holiday in a week

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Bornholm holidays in a week

This year we had actually planned to go to Nordkap in Norway, but for many reasons we wanted to stay close to Denmark, why we decided to go to Bornholm. Bornholm is Denmark’s pride and joy of an island, situated a long way to the east, isolated from the rest of our country, out in the Baltic Sea. You can go there by ferries, a long boring trip from K√łge on Zealand or a short trip through Ystad in Sweden. We decided the latter. You can of course also go by plane, but that is expensive, and it is nice to have the car to get around on the island.

When you go to Bornholm there is certain things you have to do and certain things you have to see, and a major thing is of course to get your selves some smoked herrings, which the island is very famous fore.

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